About Us

The Institute

Al-Quran Learning Academy was established in 2007 to promote the education of the Holy Quran worldwide. It is a global, high-tech, online, educational institute, committed to set standards for the most simple and successful methods of teaching the Holy Quran. The Institute is stipulated to engender passion for the Quranic education among the students. It is envisioned to be a beacon of light for their spiritual progress. We offer services based on a set of result oriented teaching methods that can help Arabs and Non-Arabs to prepare for equally good performance in international competitions. Al-Quran Learning Academy provides an opportunity for its students to experience the joy of learning in the safety and comfort of their homes. This method of learning also helps us to contribute to our social responsibilities by serving the promotion of a healthy and pollution free environment.


This institute intends to inculcate the Holy Quran into all age groups of people, who wish to learn the Quran. The identity and all the related information about the students is guaranteed to be kept confidential. It is therefore a golden chance for the elderly, who hesitate from taking classes with the young students to benefit from the privacy offered in our online one to one sessions. Parents willing to introduce their children to the treasure of virtues revealed in the Holy Quran are most welcome to witness the hard work of our teachers for developing recognition of the values and comprehension of the contents of this sacred book. You can relish watching these attributes grow into maturity under your supervision and witness your progeny being bestowed the honor of inheriting the true spirit of Islam for the generations to follow. For this purpose individual study sessions are provided for each student. In every session each of our valued students, benefits from the individual attention of one of the most dedicated, highly qualified and trustworthy teachers. Once a teacher is entrusted with a specified task set for a student, he is made responsible to follow him/her throughout the course and prepare monthly progress reports that are submitted to the organizer and can be extended to the student or his/her guardians on request. This continuous progress monitoring allows the teacher to identify the abilities and issues of every student in detail, target his/her areas of weakness and plan a suitable pace for him/her at every stage. This method aims to nurture confidence and courage in our students and develop the skills required to diagnose and explain their problems, set their own progressive targets, recognize their talents and discover their potential abilities.


For over 4 years we have been voluntarily teaching Holy Quran in Pakistan. The driving force behind this effort is to serve humanity with the gift of love and wisdom. May ALLAH help us to continue this mission with an ever-growing strength to meet the needs of the deserving, eager learners who cannot afford to pay for learning Holy Quran.

About Teaching Faculty

Al-Quran Learning Academy tutors are qualified Islamic Scholars. Majority of our Qari?s are also Hafiz and speak English, Urdu and Arabic for the convenience of our students.
Our tutors are selected after detailed investigation regarding their performance, qualification, social and moral record.

Learning Stages

At the ?Basic Level? our courses are laid out with special focus on proper pronunciation, Qawaid and Tajweed. After successful completion of this course the student is promoted to ?Nazra Level?. By the end of this level all students are expected to have mastered excellent fluency in tarteel. It is at this stage that students are offered the following choices: i) continue with ?Qirat?, ii) opt for ?Hifz?, or iii) pursue for learning ?Arabic Language?. Successful completion of this level leads to ?Advance Level?, that is the final course offered by us. This level is planned to help the student learn the art of translation of the Holy Quran in a number of languages including English, Urdu and Arabic. Other languages can be included if strength of the class could make it feasible.


We offer you the choice of selecting time according to your own personal schedule. The most useful advantage of this blessed online technology is its convenience. Wherever you go, you can access your teacher on any computer available just with the click of a button. You can even take your classes while on the move from a place to place on your laptop. You can continue your classes as per scheduled and avoid any lapse in your progress. This facility allows you to enjoy visiting your family or friends, plan outdoor activities, attend your educational matters and attend business affairs, or take care of other unplanned issues without missing a class. At the same time you will be avoiding the hassle of reaching home or the tuition center in time. The online teaching environment also helps you study in a more relaxed mood, save money on useless traveling and avoid all the related frustrations and hazards of traffic etc.
The medium of teaching is English, Urdu and Arabic.


●Institute offers a wide range of programmers for parents as well as children:

●Quran Reading,

●Hifz (memorization of Quran by heart)

●Translation of Holy Quran